*N4043 Bell Book Candle

*N4043  Bell Book Candle
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A beautiful Bell, Book and Candle witches necklace, with Amethyst in Bali bead caps. An exquisite, original piece of wearable art!

"Discoloration" is due to my crummy scanning skills, not the piece! :)

Size: ~ 17 inches Material: Sterling Silver Condition: New!

Bells to invoke Spirit, a Book of Shadows/Knowledge, and a Candle to keep the altar fires lit for All time. Bells have been used for centuries for many purposes. Many traditions use them to invoke good spirits, or to keep out or remove bad spirits. Candles by some are said to be all elements in one, as a solid it is earth, when lit it is fire, the smoke is air, the energy release is spirit, and the liquid wax is as water. The Book of Shadows is a witch's journal where all rituals, spells, recipes, potions, and magickal notes of all kinds are kept and recorded. ABOUT AMETHYST: Amethyst is a stone of psychic power, enhancing and increasing the abilities of the bearer. It aids in increasing spiritual awareness and helps in the attainment of your spiritual goals. Wear Amethyst to dispel fear and heighten intuitive powers.